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You can log issue to the scenario while recording the test session. The issues gets logged into the Issue module of QMetry. If external trackers are linked with QMetry, the issue gets logged into Jirathat external tracker.

Note: The logging issue operation will pause your session for a while. If you wish to resume the session, then close the issue logging screen after logging the issue.


  • Project: Select the project for which the issue is to be logged.

  • Summary: Enter the Summary that represents¬† brief about the issue.

  • Priority: Select the priority of the issue from the drop-down list.

  • Labels: Select the Labels applicable to the issue. You can select multiple options for the field.

  • Issue Type: Select the issue type from Bug, Enhancement, New Feature.

  • Owner: Select the assignee who will work on the issue from the drop-down list.

  • Description: Describe the issue in detail in this text area.

Logging an Issue in QMetry for Jira - Test Management

If Jira is configured with the project in QMetry, then you can log issue directly in Jira.


You can view the details related to the issue.
Clicking on the Entity Key, it opens the issue detail page in the Issue Module.


Issue Logged in QMetry for Jira - Test ManagementJira

When you click External Key for the Exploratory session, it opens issue detail page in Jira.

In QMetry, you can view the available Jira issues when you go to log issues from the Execution Screen.

Go to the Execution Screen. Click the Bug icon. It opens the Issues screen.