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The following automation frameworks are supported for importing results into QMetry Test Management for JIRAJira:

  • Cucumber
  • TestNG
  • JUnit
  • HP UFT
  • QAS
  • SpecFlow

Additionally for reporting, you can use any of the above with Selenium or Appium. All the languages supported by these frameworks are supported by QMetry Test Management for JIRAJira.

Quick Reference Table

FrameworkSupported File/FormatsLanguages SupportedLink to Testcase

*Uniquely identify Test case

Merge into existing Test Cycle

Execution Attachments

CucumberJSON/zip containing JSON filesJava, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, PythonYesYesYesYes
TestNGXML/zip containing XML filesJavaNoYesYesNo
JUnitXML/zip containing XML filesJavaNoYesYesNo
HP UFTXML/zip containing XML filesNANoYesYesNo
QAFzip containing JSON filesJavaYesYesYesYes
SpecFlowJSON/zip containing JSON files.Net, C#NoYesYesNo
SeleniumBased on reporting framework used as above
AppiumBased on reporting framework used as above