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The following are the major terms and concepts used by QMetry Test Management for JIRAJira.

Test Case

Test Case is a sequence of steps to validate acceptable functioning of a module, requirement or user scenario.

Test Cycle

Test Cycle is an exercise to execute ordered list of test cases assigned to individual testers for a specific build of product or artifact being tested. Usually test cycles are bound to a platform or environment although cycles can spawn across multiple environments.

Test Plan

Test Plan is a high level strategy that drives end to end comprehensive testing before a release could be deployed in production.

EnvironmentTest Environments are platforms, configurations, setup of hardware and software against which test cases are executed. 
Test ResultTest Result is an outcome of testing process which includes status (Pass, Fail, etc.) of the test case.
BuildBuild is a specific iteration of the product/project to be tested. Other common names for a Build are "Drop" or "Iteration".