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A. Use of Rich Text Editor allows users to apply text formatting for Description and reduces chances of missing important details. Users can also insert images, hyperlinks and tables to the field.

Image Upload Support in Rich Text Editor:

Users can add images to any Large Rich Text Editor field (System as well as Custom) up to 1 MB. The images can be uploaded in the fields (A) by browsing and uploading the image (B) by inserting the image through the URL. It is applicable to all the fields across QMetry wherever rich text editor is available.


→ The supported file formats to upload are jpg, jpeg, png, and gif.

→ The maximum file size should be 1 MB (for images uploaded through browsing).

B.  Users can paste the html/xml content into the Source editor of the "Large Text" field type and it auto-renders the code to show the text outputs on the screen.