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QMetry Test Management for Jira offers more than 30 reports to serve the varied reporting purposes like evaluate the current status of project and quality of the product, track manual and automation testing efforts etc. QA Manager can add these reports on dashboard to share with all stake holders. The various filters provided to customize the reports and obtain the desired statistics. The reports can be further drilled down by exporting it in an excel sheet.


Report NameDescription

Test Case Reports

Test Case SummaryThe report shows summary of test cases grouped by their workflow status/priority/component/label.
Manual Vs. Automated Test CasesThe report shows summary of Manual vs Automated test cases based on testing type. Testing type is decided based on how a test case is created in QMetry for Jira. Test Cases that are created in QMetry for Jira via Automation (Automation API, Maven automation, Jenkins automation, Bamboo automation) will have type as "Automated". Test Cases that are created manually or via Open API or imported via excel into QMetry for Jira will have type as "Manual".
Planned Vs. Not-planned Test Cases

The report shows summary of test case planned or unplanned for execution. Test case those are linked with test cycles are "Planned" for execution. Test case those are not linked with test cycles are considered "Unplanned" for execution. You can find out test cases which are yet not part of any test cycle and add such test cases to test cycles.

Test Cases with Vs.w/o Defects

The report shows summary of test cases associated with defects captured during execution. The report can be filtered based on different combination of Test Cycle and Test Plan. The defects linked at test step level are also considered for this report.

Test Execution Reports
Test Case Execution SummaryThe Test Case Execution Summary helps the testing team, the project manager, and the product owner understand the status of testing and the stability of the overall application. The report shows the count of test cases passed, blocked, failed, not executed, etc.The report can be grouped on Label, Component, Environment, Build, Test Cycle, Requirement, Project, Test Case Type, Assignee.

Test Case Execution Overall Effort Summary

The report provides comparison between the Estimated Time for test case execution vs. Actual Time taken for test case execution.

Test Case Execution Effort Summary By Assignee

The report displays Assignee wise summary of Estimated Time vs. Actual Time of test case execution. It shows the actual time taken by the Assignee to whom the test case was assigned for execution.
Defect Reports
Defect SummaryDefect Summary report displays details related to defects logged to test cases. The report can be grouped by Workflow Status, Priority, Project, Environment, and Build.
Resolved Issue VerificationThe Resolved Issue Verification tabular report displays traceability of issues. Issues are displayed with their associated test plan, test cycle, test case, build and environment.
Defect 2D MatrixThis is a 2 dimensional report based on Priority and Status of Defects. The report displays bar stack chart for Defect which are linked in execution.
Traceability Reports
Traceability ReportsThe Traceability Report has been designed to enable you to trace relationships among Requirements, Test Cases, Test Cycles and Defects.
Coverage Reports
Coverage By RequirementThe Coverage By Requirement report displays the coverage relationship between Stories and Test Cases. For the selected Project, the Coverage Report shows which stories have one or more test cases associated with it.