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  • Rich Text:

    A. Use of Rich Text Editor allows users to apply text formatting for Description and reduces chances of missing important details.

    B.  Users can paste the html/xml content into the Source editor of the "Large Text" field type and it auto-renders the code to show the text outputs on the screen.

    Use Case: An organization is using Rich text for Description field, in which they copy-paste the content from their source in html/xml format.

    Click on the Edit icon at right to open the source editor.

    Note: To enable rich text editor, the Enable Rich Text parameter should be enabled for the Project (Projects > Project / Release / Cycle). Refer to Managing Projects, Releases and Cycles  for more details on Enable Rich Text Editorfor more details.

  • User Defined Fields: If UDFs are added for the test case module, then they are displayed on the Create Test Suite screen and Test Suite Details screen.


a) Add New Platform: If you want to add more platforms , then just click on the Create New Platform link on the screen. It opens the Platforms screen of Projects > Platforms in a separate tab, wherein you can add new Platforms. Read  Creating New PlatformsAdd Platforms on the Managing Platforms page. Once you are done adding platforms, reload the Link Platforms screen. The new platforms are added to the list. Select the required ones.


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