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  • If your server hardware does not have sufficient RAM installed, increasing the Java heap space may be ineffective or it may even reduce overall performance.
  • Java "out of memory" (OOM) errors can occur when the JVM attempts to use more memory than allocated by the Java environment's -Xmx parameter.
  • This procedure requires you to have server access and restart the dockerrestarting QMetry services for the changes to take effect.

Reference Values for Tomcat Heap Memory Configuration depending on your server memory :


  • Go to your QMetry installation directory's QMetry/bin folder
    • C:\QMetry-Windows-Install\QMetry-Windows-Install\QMetry\bin
  • Open the file setenv.bat, and edit the¬†default configuration for JAVA_OPTS parameter
    • The default configuration for heap memory are as follows. You can edit the file and update the highlighted values below by referring to the values specified in the above table and your server memory.
      • -Xms3g (Represents minimum 3 GB will be allocated to the QMetry Application)
      • -Xmx4g (Represents maximum 4 GB will be allocated to the QMetry Application)
      • Go to the second line and¬†update the values.

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  • Save the file and close the editor.
  • Restart QMetry Services
    • Go to Run > Type services.msc. Restart the services in the following order.
    • Restart : MySQL service
    • Restart : "qmetry" service listed as Apache Tomcat 9.0 qmetry