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Table of Contents


QMetry Agent Configuration

Compatibility : QMetry Agent is a java executable file that needs Open JDK 11.

Automation Agent Key

Use this key to configure QMetry Automation Agent.


 The QMetry Automation Agent has the following fields on it:

  • URL: The URL of your QMetry Test Management application instance.
  • API Key: Enter Automation Agent Key. To generate Automation Key, go to Integration > Automation Agent and click on the Generate Key as described under Automation Agent Key above.
  • Agent Name: Enter name of your preference as Agent Alias to identify the specific agent.
  • Running on VM: Users who want to run agent on virtual machine, can do so by setting this configuration. The manual settings are not required.


Other ways to push automation results into QMetry:

View Test Assets and Test Results in added/updated in QMetry