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Adding Screenshots

When the user clicks on the Log Defect button, the screenshot of the opened screen is taken automatically. You can also paste image from clipboard with Ctrl+V (e.g. PrntScrn screenshot), drag and drop it into widget, or load with file select dialog by clicking on the open file icon


Extend down:


Extend right:



The editor provides the following features.


E. Rotate image

F. Resize / scale image


Supported hotkeys

Ctrl + Z

Cancel last operation

Ctrl + V

Paste image from clipboard

Ctrl + C

Copy selected aria to clipboard (*internal keyboard)

Shift when drawing rect/ellipse

Draw square/circle

Shift when drawing line

draw at angles of 04590135 etc degrees

Alt when using pipette

Hide zoom helper (colored grid)

Ctrl + Wheel mouse up/down

Zoom image

Ctrl + S

Save image