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Table of Contents


  • Version Control: Select BitBucket as the version control system for the code repository.

  • Type: Select the edition of the Bitbucket i.e. Cloud or Server.

  • Repository URL: Enter the cloned Repository URL for Bitbucket.


For Bitbucket Cloud, users can configure the repository using Username and the App Password.

→ Username: It is a normal Bitbucket usernameusername as per Bitbucket profile settings in Account Settings.

→ Password: The App password. Read more about How to generate the App Password below.


  • Version Control: Version Control Systems that are configured for the Project populate in the field. Select the Version Control System you want to use for the story.

  • Repository URL: Repository populates in accordance with the Version Control System selected above.

  • Branch: Select branch based upon repository selection. You will be able to choose the folder of the respective branch. Branch access depends on the user through whom the BDD integration is done.

  • Folder Path: Click on the Browse button to select the folder from the tree structure to store the BDD file. If a folder path is not given, it will push it into the root directory of the repository.

  • File Name: Enter the name (with file extension) of the file that you want to pull/push from/to the repository.

  • Comment: Enter Comments related to the file. It is mandatory when you are pushing the code to the repository.