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Users can export QMetry test cases from one Jira instance to other Jira instance. This document describes how to export shareable test cases to other QMetry for Jira instance. To read about independent test case export to other QMetry instance, refer to Export Test Cases to Other QMetry Instance.


  • The independent normal test case that is using shared test cases will be imported as normal test cases in the destination project.

  • The shareable test case will be imported as shareable test case in the destination project.


  • QMetry for Jira add-on should be installed on both source project instance and target project instances.

  • QMetry for Jira feature (Project Settings > QMetry Project Settings) should be enabled for both source project instance and target project instance.

  • If Permissions feature is enabled for the target project instance, the user must have the Import permission (Project Settings > QMetry Permissions) for the project on the other QMetry for Jira instance.

Steps to export shareable test cases to other QMetry for Jira instance

Source Project Instance

1. Go to Test Management > Test Case.


  • Select target Project: The drop-down displays list of projects exist on the target QMetry instance. Select the project to which the test cases will be exported.


Follow these steps while exporting test cases containing shareable test cases to a different instance.
1. Export the test case, the shared steps of the test case will be exported as normal steps and their linkage with shareable test cases will be removed.
2. Export the shareable test cases separately to the destination project and then re-link them to the main test cases.

Click Start Export.


Destination Project Instance


The shareable test cases are imported as shareable test cases in the destination project instance.


InfoIf you want to use the shareable steps with parameterization in other projects or in other QMetry instance, then it is recommended that you create the parameterized shareable steps in the same project instead of linking parameterized test case of other project/instance.