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You can modify the settings only if the Customization app is enabled on your QMetry instance. 

The option helps users specify Simple Mail Transfer Protocol settings for outgoing mail transport from QMetry. QMetry needs to establish a reliable communications channel to the SMTP server.

Users receive email notifications e.g. test case creation, requirement creation, etc. from the account configured in SMTP Settings.

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Provide the following details to configure SMTP:

  • SMTP Server: Mention the SMTP server configuration path/domain name. The SMTP server will then deliver outgoing emails on behalf of QMetry.
  • SMTP Port: Enter port to pass along the outbound mails to the server mentioned above. The mentioned port should be open on the mail server.
  • SMTP User Name & SMTP Password: Enter User Name and Password if your SMTP server requires authentication, else the fields can be left blank.
  • From Email: This is the email address QMetry will send emails from. For example,
  • From Name: This is the corresponding name to identify the email address given in the field above. For example, Project Admin.Enable TLS: Turn the flag On to enable TLS Encryption on the SMTP Service.
  • Click Test to verify the settings.

Save the SMTP settings once the configuration is approved by QMetry.

Note : You cannot modify the above settings if the Customization package is disabled on your QMetry instance.