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The Coverage By Requirement report displays the coverage relationship between Stories and Test Cycles. For the selected Project, the Coverage Report shows which stories have one or more test cycles associated with them. The requirement coverage is critical for the successful delivery of the project.

The "Coverage by Requirement" report displays the count and details of requirements, both directly linked and not directly linked to test cycles.

The Requirement filter in the report configuration supports JQL and allows users to use multiple fields like Project, Issue Type, Issue Status, etc. as filters to generate the report. Write a JQL query to construct the story selection criteria with different filters. You can save the applied Filter and add it as a gadget on the dashboard.

Covered: The report will only consider the Requirements that are directly linked to the test cycles and not via the test case > test cycle linkages.

Note: The report gets updated dynamically if new stories are added matching the selection criteria.

You can refer to Configure and Generate Report and View Report for more details.

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The chart displays Story Coverage based on test cycle linkage with the stories.

  • Covered: It refers to Stories that have test cycles linked to them.

  • Not Covered: It refers to Stories with no test cycle within them.

The chart is clickable.

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You can drill down to view the records for the report.

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The following is the table chart for the report, the count of which is clickable to let you drill down the report.

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