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To add a new project in QMetry, click the New button on the toolbar.


It opens the next screen with fields on it to add a new project.

  • Project Name: Enter the name of the Project that is being added. A Project Name can include Alphabets, Numbers, and supported special characters . in it.

Note: These special characters are not supported in the Project Name: \ / : * ? < > |

A Project can be the current Project that is being tested and can contain multiple Releases and Cycles.

  • Project Key: The Project Key is a short-hand reference of the Project Name that will be used as a reference within the Project's test assets. A Project Key can be of 10 characters. The Project Key can’t be edited once it is created. A Project Key can include Alphabets and Numbers in it.


Audit logs are also maintained for the changes made to the “Make Build selection mandatory during execution” settings.

Note: Bulk Execution performed on the “Bulk Execute” screen (Test Suite > Test Execution tab > Bulk Execute) is exempted from mandatory build selection. All the bulk executions from this screen will be performed on None build.

Steps to make a build selection mandatory while creating a new project: