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  1. On the project details page, click on the '+' icon and select Add Release on it.

  2. A blank row appears on the screen to enter release details.

  3. Enter the Release Name, Release Start Date, Release Completion Date in sequence and click Add.

  4. The Release is added on the list.


Adding Cycles under a Release

Cycles are added within respective releases. Once the Default Cycle is provided under the Default Release.


Audit logs are also maintained for the changes made to the “Make Build selection mandatory during execution” settings.

Note: Bulk Execution performed on the “Bulk Execute” screen (Test Suite > Test Execution tab > Bulk Execute) is exempted from mandatory build selection. All the bulk executions from this screen will be performed on None build.

Steps to make a build selection mandatory while creating a new project:


  1. Go to Projects > Project/Release/Cycle. You can see the list of created projects.

  2. Open the project by clicking on the project name. The edit screen opens.

  3. Enable In the General Settings tab, enable the Make Build selection mandatory during execution option to make the build selection mandatory before proceeding towards execution.


When you complete the cloning process, the message pops up to view notification for the clone progress. You can view the progress in the notification window on the application header. This allows scheduled clone operations to run in the background and allows users to continue with their other work.
Check the notification window on the application header. It shows the list of Activities.


Scheduled Task

Click on the Scheduled Task  icon the application header. The Scheduled Task icon turns Orange in color whenever any of the following actions is initialized. The icon color changes to original as soon as you click on it to view the task status.