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(A) Macro menu on the toolbar

Step 1. Open the macro drop-down on the Confluence toolbar and select View More.


The Select macro pop-up opens.

Step 2. Search for “QMetry”. You will see the QMetry Assets macro and QMetry Charts macros on the screen.

Step 3. Click on the QMetry Assets macro to insert QMetry Assets into Confluence.


On the Confluence page just type /QMetry to prompt the QMetry Assets macro.

Click on the macro to insert it on the page.


The Insert QMetry Assets macro is added as a blank panel. Select the macro and click on the Edit icon to open the QMetry Assets screen to retrieve the required test assets. pop-up opens.


Refer to the Edit Inserted Macro section for more details.Image Removed

Select QMetry Assets

You can view test assets of the QMetry Test Management for Jira projects for which you have access rights.

Note: Only active test cases, which are not archived will be displayed.

For the ease of selection of test assets, you can search QMetry Test Management for Jira test assets by applying the following criteria: