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  • If you have the eSignature feature enabled even before QMetry Test Management v8.8, then your existing test case and test suite approvers will be carried forward at Level 1 in respective sections.
  • Maximum 5 levels can be added for Approval Workflow, the settings are done from Customization > General Settings & Audit > General Settings.
  • Customization “Modify” rights are required to be able to add/remove levels.
  • In the General Settings section of the project, the admin defines the frequency to send a notification to reviewers/approvers of pending level.
  • The entity will be considered as approved only on approval at all the defined Levels, else the entity will be displayed in an In-review state.
  • In case the entity gets rejected later on at any of the levels, it will be moved back to the first level of approval i.e. In Review state.
  • There can be multiple approvers/reviewers at each level. But to mark an entity as approved, approval from a single approver is required. The entity will then move to the next level of approval.
  • During the approval process, if users make any change to the entity, the entity will be moved back to the first level of approval irrespective of its current level of approval. All the approvals of that entity will be revoked.
  • You can not add the next level when the lower level does not have reviewers/approvers in it.
  • Whenever assets are Reviewedreviewed/Approvedapproved, a notification is sent to reviewers/approvers of all levels except the one who Reviewedreviewed/Approved approved the assets and to Created By, Watchers, Owners of those assets.

  • QMetry sends a notification to the "Created by" user when reviewers/approvers reject an entity with Request Change.