Advantages of Rally Integration

The integration of QMetry with Rally brings you enterprise level agility. Organizations can connect their development and testing efforts to meaningful outcomes that align to their business objectives. The integration allows teams work collaboratively to plan, work and asses quality to achieve a common business goal. The collaboration and smooth communication between teams enhances quality of products/application.

QMetry supports integration of multiple Rally instances with one QMetry project. Moreover, more than one Rally project can be linked with one QMetry project. Hence, QMetry project can be linked with multiple Rally projects from multiple Rally instances.

Integration Rules:

One Integration System can be integrated with one QMetry project (i.e. If Jira is associated with Project A in QMetry then Azure/Rally can not be associated with Project A) 

Multiple Rally projects can be linked with one QMetry project 

Multiple instances/Organizations of Rally can be linked with one QMetry project

A single Rally project can be linked to multiple QMetry projects

Integration with Rally and user authorization happens using Rally API Key

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