There are two tabs on the page: General Settings and Audit.

Note: You can modify the settings only if the Customization package is enabled on your QMetry instance. 

General Settings

These are general settings which will be applicable to all the users of QMetry unless the System Admin or the user makes any changes in the settings.

Note: "Records initially loaded" value in Default User Settings cannot exceed the number mentioned here.

Click Save to save the settings.


To apply the data retention policy, enable the Retention Policy settings in Customization > General Settings & Audit > Audit.

When Retention Policy settings are enabled

When Retention Policy settings are disabled

When you click on Change Log to download the logs, a notification is added to the notification window.

Click on the notification icon on the header. It shows the list of Activities.

Click on the Scheduled Task button.

The screen shows all the activities completed or in queue.

Expand the Activity related to Audit Log and you can see its progress. You can also download the log by clicking on the Download icon for the activity.