Generate API Key

Where to find Automation API?

Go to QMetry > Automation API.

You can import automation results into QMetry for JIRA - Test Management through multiple ways. You need this API Key for all the options.  

The API Key is unique to –

  • a particular user and project (for Server edition)
  • a particular user, project and client (for Cloud edition)

You can use either of the following to import the automation results into JIRA:

  2. Maven

Use the generated API Key in the REST API or in Maven dependency as per your project integration.


1. Select the project the automation test results of which you want to import into JIRA.

Click on the drop-down arrow. It opens the list of projects you have access over. The projects can further be filtered using the text box.

2. Click on the Generate link to generate the API Key.

The key is generated and displayed on the screen.

If you want to regenerate the API key for any reason, click the icon adjacent to the current API Key.