Create Test Cases

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User should have the “Create Issue” permission for the project to be able to create an Test Case in JIRA. JIRA administrators can allow such rights.

Note: The following steps describe Test Cases Creation from JIRA as usual. You can also create Test Cases from the story page itself.

Steps to create an Test Case

  1. To open the Create Issue screen, follow either of the ways:
      • Keyboard shortcut: 'c'.
      • Click the Create button on the top navigation bar.
      • Click the Create Issue link while browsing a project.
  2. The Create Issue screen opens. Enter the Test Case details.
  3. Select “Test Case” for Issue Type.  
  4. If you want to create another Test Case with similar details, select the Create another check box.
  5. The field details, except the Summary field, are pre-populated on the Create Issue screen when you opt for creating another issue immediately after creating one.
  6. Click the Create button.

The JIRA issue with Type "Test Case" is created like below:

Once a test case is created, you can create test steps within the test case.

A. Pagination: Pagination allows users to navigate through pages. Enter page number in the box and press the ENTER key of keyboard to jump on to a specific page.

B. This feature is added to change order of test steps across pages by mentioning sequence number.

C. You can change the order of test steps by dragging and dropping them.

Automation Attributes

Automation Attributes are used to identify Automated Test Cases uniquely. If you import another result that has test cases/test steps, which have been imported previously, then existing test cases will be reused based on these attributes. You can view the Automation Attributes on test case detail page.

If you have enabled Enable Automation Attributes Panel in Test Case/Scenario page under Configuration > Manage QMetry Features > Automation then the panel will be displayed as shown below.