QMetry Reports Upgrade Steps for Existing Users already upgraded to v8.6

QMetry v8.6 introduces a brand new reporting module. In this guide we will run you through upgrading QMetry Test Management Reports in your environment. These steps are to be followed on your QMetry Reports server hosted on the linux machine.

Here are the steps

Step 1: Download Required Files

  • Please write to QMetry Support by sending an Email at qtmprofessional@qmetrysupport.atlassian.net,  to get the latest version of QMetry reports.

  • Download the QMetryReports86xx.zip file on your report server's /opt directory once you receive the report upgrade package.

Step 2. Check the running containers using the following command

  • sudo su -
  • docker ps

If they are not seen running start them using command : docker start qmetry-reports-db qmetry-reports

Step 3. Remove the older QMetry Reports zip and unzipped folders from the docker's /opt directory.

  • docker exec -it qmetry-reports bash
  • cd /opt
  • rm -rf QMetryReport86xx.zip QMetryReports86xx
  • exit

Step 4. Copy the QMetryReports86xx.zip into the docker container from server's /opt directory using the following commands and get into the container.

  • cd /opt
  • docker cp QMetryReports86xx.zip qmetry-reports:/opt
  • docker exec -it qmetry-reports bash

Step 5. Unzip the new reports upgrade zip QMetryReports86xx.zip copied under docker's /opt directory and go to the unzipped folder.

  • cd /opt
  • unzip QMetryReports86xx.zip
  • cd QMetryReports86xx

Step 6. Execute the reportupgrade.jar file

  • java -jar LiveReportUpgrade.jar

Step 7. Upon executing the LiveReportUpgrade.jar with above commands, you will be asked below questions:

  • Enter QMetry Report Path  -  /opt 
  • Wait for the .jar to finish executing.
  • Type exit to exit the docker.

Step 8 - Restart Reports Services

  • docker restart qmetry-reports-db qmetry-reports

Step 9. Run a Force Sync of Reports (Post Upgrade Step)

  • cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/spark_report_spark-apps/_data
  • sh ConfigureSyncApp.sh 
  • You will be prompted for several options.
    • Hit `enter` repeatedly to skip all those and type when forceSync option comes up
    • Hit `enter` again to skip when prompted to "Enter Memory to allocate in GB(s) to Spark".
  • Wait for the script to finish executing. Depending on your data this process can take ~1 hour. Users can continue to use QMetry during this time.

If you are facing any issues during the upgrade process, write us at qtmprofessional@qmetrysupport.atlassian.net. This will automatically open a ticket with our support team and help you to follow the progress.