Create Test Suite from Test Case

The feature allows users to quickly create a test suite directly from a test case by copying common fields from test case to test suite. Users with “Create” rights for Test Suite can create test suite from test case.

The feature is useful when –

  • Users have ready test cases.
  • Users want to directly jump onto test suite execution as soon as a test case is added.
  • QA Manager wants to track execution of test case with the same name test suites and with the same values for common fields.

Test Suite details for Name and other common fields are auto populated from the test case from which the test suite is created. Users can make required changes in the details afterwards.

A test suite created from test case remains as an independent entity. Any changes that take place later in the test case do not affect the test suite created from that test case.

  • eSignature: If the eSignature feature is enable for the project, then test suites can be created only from "Approved" test cases.

  • Shareable Test Case: In case of a shareable test case, test suites can not be created from a shareable test case.

The Create Test Suite from Test Case option is available at the following places:

  • On the Test Case list view, click on the inline settings icon provided for individual test cases
  • On the Test Case detail page, click on the settings icon at the top right corner


  • User should have the “Create” rights for the Test Suite module
  • Existing test case or its version should not be archived 

The “Create Test Suite from Test Case” option will only be available if the mentioned pre-requisites are fulfilled.

On the test suite detail page, the test case will be displayed as linked to the test suite under the Test Cases section.

Create Test Suite from Test Case folder

Test Suite is created with the test case folder name, which can be modified as required. All the test cases under the folder will be linked with the test suite that is being created. The linked test case count is displayed while creating test suite.

Right click on the test case folder and select the Create Test Suite from Folder option.


  • Users should have “Create” rights for the Test Suite module.
  • The folder should have test case(s) within it. If the folder does not have any test case, then test suite will not be created out of the folder.

The “Create Test Suite from Folder” option will only be available if the mentioned pre-requisites are fulfilled.

  • Shareable test case: Shareable test cases will not be linked with the test suite.