Change Log Report

Change log is a History report of Requirement, Test Case, Test Suite, and Issue modules. The report displays what action has been taken in which entity & field, the old value and new value of that field, and by whom the changes have been made.

Each row of the grid represents a change in the assets.

Each of the records shows the history with the following details:

  • Actor: The user who has made the change to the test entity.
  • Target: It shows the combination of module - Requirement, Test Case, Test Suite, Issue - and Entity ID. It also includes the Field which is changed or got affected due to the change.
  • Action: The description of action took place.
  • New Value: This is the updated value of field.
  • Old Value: This is the original value of the field.
  • Project: The project in which the changes were made.
  • Date: The date on which the field value has been changed.

The following filters can be applied to the Change Log records:

  • ID: Entity ID
  • Actor
  • Target
  • Field
  • New Value
  • Old Value
  • Duration: Select From and To Date.