Windows Recording and Execution

QMetry Automation Studio supports recording of tests on Windows desktop applications and execution thereof.


Setting up Windows Project in QAS

Follow the steps as per the screenshots below.

Step 1. Project Setting


Step 2. Platforms

Select Windows(Desktop) here.


Step 3. Select Language


Step 4. Select Test Methodology


Step 5. Project Properties

Application Id: Refer to to get the windows application Id of the application that you want to browse for test. For example, we want to carry out tests on the Calculator app here and, hence, we are taking its Application Id from the link provided above.

Click Finish to create the project.


Recording Tests for Windows Desktop App

Once the project is created, you can record the test for Windows desktop app.

1. Go to QMetry > Test Recorder.

2. Create a test suite and a test case.

3. Click Record > Windows(Desktop).


The Web Driver Capabilities screen opens with the details filled on it.

4. To save the capabilities, click Save.

The capabilities record is added at right on the list.

5. Now click Start to initiate the test recording.


The app simulation starts on QAS screen.

6. Start recording the test. For example, we are doing a subtraction operation to find the residual of 15-10 here.


7. Click on the Stop Session button to stop the recording.

The test session is recorded.

Executing Tests for Windows Desktop App

1. Select the test case you want to execute on the tree.

2. Click Execute > Windows (Desktop).

The test execution started. The test results are updated in the test case once the test is over.


→ Limitations using Appium: Refer to for the details.