Record Test Cases through QAS Web Recorder Extension

About QAS Web Recorder Extension

QAS Web Recorder is a Chrome extension that has been designed to empower testers to carry out testing while they explore and investigate websites. Apart from the recorder feature available in the QAS application, users can download this external extension from the Chrome web store and use it to record the test sessions through exploratory testing. This test session will be recorded as a test case in QAS.

It is an alternate option to record operations on the webpage if the QAS internal recorder is blocked due to firewall restrictions in the organization.

Note: QAS Web Recorder chrome extension is compatible with QAS 1.49.2 and higher versions.


  • The functionality traces actions performed during testing in the Chrome browser and convert them into modular code that is recorded in QAS as a test case.

  • Each event and navigation are recorded, which provides ready-to-use Automated Documentation.

Install and get started recording the events you perform on websites. View the recorded sessions as test cases in the QAS application.



  • Before you initiate the test recording -

    • make sure the website under test is kept open in the active browser.

    • make sure the test case for which the test is being recording is kept open in QAS.

  • Recording inside iFrame: To enable recording inside iFrame, restart the Chrome browser with the following command from its installation directory to disable web security.

    • For mac: "Chrome--disable-web-security --user-data-dir".

    • For windows: "chrome.exe --disable-web-security --user-data-dir".

Steps to initiate Recording using QAS Web Recorder Extension

Step 1. Install QAS Web Recorder Chrome extension.

Step 2. Open the test case in QAS.

Step 3. Open the website under test on Chrome browser.

Step 4. Start recording testing sessions through the QAS Web Recorder Chrome extension.

How to install QAS Web Recorder Extension?

Click on the link below to open the QAS Web Recorder page in the Chrome web store.

Click on the Add to Chrome button on the top right corner to download the QAS Web Recorder Chrome extension.

Once the extension is added to your chrome browser, you can pin it to the browser. It will appear as shown below.

Record Test Sessions as Test Cases

Users can record test sessions using the QAS Web Recorder extension. These test sessions will be recorded and stored in QAS Test Recorder as test cases.



1. Create a test case in QAS and keep the test case open.


2. Open the website you want to run the test on and click on the QAS Web Recorder icon at the top. It opens the QAS Web Recorder screen.

3. Click on the Start Recording button to initiate the test recording.



The blinking icon beside the address bar indicates that the recording is now in progress.

The maximum recording duration for each session is 02:30:00 (i.e. 2 hrs 30 mins).


Perform all the required events on the website. For example, login, transactions - debit/credit amount, and log out.



Once you are with the recording, open the recorder screen by clicking on the blinking icon and click on the Stop button of the recorder to stop the recording.


Now check the test case in QAS for which the test session was being recorded. You can see the events are recorded with their respective locators for the test case.


  • Some commands like "Switch To Window", “Close” will not work when tests are recorded through the QAS Web Recorder extension. Users have to add these commands manually in QAS.

  • The following features will not be available for the locators recorded through the QAS Web Recorder extension.

    • Self Healing

    • Object Spy