Execute All Test Suites

Execute All Test Suites allows users to execute test suites in bulk from the project level. You can filter test suites on their Platforms and plan your test execution accordingly. For all the platforms, you get the option to execute the test cases on Remote servers like LambdaTest, HeadSpin, SauceLab, etc. in accordance with the capabilities that have been defined for the platforms. You can execute test cases that belong to different test suites on multiple platforms simultaneously.


You can filter test cases to execute on the basis of their platforms, test suites, test case name or tags attached with the test case.

There are the following drop-down menus for the purpose of filtering test cases:

  • Select Platform

  • Select Test Suite

  • Enter text to search test case/tags



Select Capabilities:

Select platform capabilities as per relevant configurations to initiate the execution.

You can execute the test suites either on a local or remote server like LambdaTest. Apart from test case execution, you can also execute test suites on LambdaTest. Read more details on https://qmetrysupport.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/QAShelp/pages/2123006044.


Select Session:

Select your preference to run the execution sessions:

  • Multiple: All test case(s) will be executed in multiple session(s) sequentially, each with a unique session.

  • Multiple (Parallel): All test case(s) will be executed in parallel mode. There will be a separate session for each test case execution.

  • Single: All test case(s) will be executed sequentially in a single session. The session variable will be preserved for the next test case execution.

  • Multiple Session by Platform: The executions will start in all the platforms simultaneously. The test case(s) will be executed sequentially in each platform.

Note: Execution on LambdaTest through multiple platforms/sessions at a time is not supported currently.