QAS Integration and its usage

QMetry Automation Studio provides two types of integration facility for the user. They can access it by navigating to QMetry menu.

Both the integration serve different purposes as mentioned below:

  • Integration with Jira : QAS supports integration with Jira. Integration of Jira Project with QAS Project facilitates Issue logging in Jira on run-time when a Test Case/Scenario fails in QAS. You can create a defect directly from QAS Test Results.
  • Copy Integration with QTM/QTM4J :Users can upload the QAS execution results to other products of QMetry product suite - QMetry Test Management and QMetry for Jira - Test Management.

Use cases:

Automate the Bug logging in Jira: After successful integration with Jira, users can directly log a bug through QAS Automation along with the details pertaining to the Bug. To achieve this scenario follow the steps provided below:

  • Click on Create Issue to create an issue with full description in Jira from the failed Test Case in QAS.

  • An issue is created in Jira project with type "Bug" (or as per Issue Type selected while Jira Integration). Once the issue is created in Jira, the "Create Issue" tag is replaced with "View Issue" for the Bug icon.
  • Then click on View Issue to verify the issue in Jira.

  • After clicking on View Issue, the Jira issue detail page opens in a separate browser page. If screenshots are available, then they are associated as attachments to the issue.