QMetry Bamboo Integration v1.1.3

QMetry Bamboo Integration add-on is designed for QMetry Test Management v8.x. QMetry Bamboo Integration is a free add-on. 

Download Link: QMetry Bamboo Integration

QMetry Bamboo Integration allows you to tie automated test results between Bamboo and QMetry Test Management.

Users can configure Bamboo Task to submit their test results to QMetry without writing any code or dealing with REST API. Users can enable Continuous Integration of Test Automation between Bamboo and QMetry Test Management.


  • Submit Test Automation Results from Bamboo to QMetry without coding.
  • Support for multiple automation frameworks - Cucumber, TestNG, JUnit, QMetry Automation Framework.
  • Ability to support additional test automation frameworks.
  • Configure hierarchy of Test Suite, Test Case or Test Case Step while importing automation results for TestNG and Junit frameworks.
  • Automatically create Test Suites and Test Cases with test results.
  • Automatically link Test Suite to Test Execution for Executive Coverage Analytics.
  • Sync real-time as your tests complete.
  • Specify Test Platform and various other parameters as part of the configuration.