Viewing migrated reports in QMetry Insights, Sharing Gadgets, Creating and Sharing Custom Dashboards

QMetry v8.6 is a major release that will be released on 25th April and will replace the current existing Advanced Reports and Dashboards (Visual Analysis) with QMetry Insights. For all the customers that have created any custom reports in Visual Analysis Custom Reporting will be able to find their existing custom reports in QMetry Insights as follows:


Upcoming Changes to existing Advanced Reports (Dashboards and Visual Analysis Reporting)

Advanced Reports and Dashboards (Visual Analysis) will be deprecated. The QMetry Insights will replace the existing Advanced Reports and would have the following views

  1. Visual Reports – Allows creating complex custom reports with drag & drop of fields that works even across modules.

  2. Advanced Query Reports – Allows users to write/execute custom queries and generate SQL based report gadgets using the Query Builder module. Query Builder has an entire snapshot of your QMetry data synced and accessible from just 15 tables.

Visual Reports

Advanced Query Reports

Introducing QMetry Custom Gadgets

Your custom reports that were created in Visual Analysis are available under QMetry Custom Gadgets in the main menu.


Creating Custom Dashboards, Sharing and Scheduling Dashboards over email

With this release 8.6, any custom dashboards that were created earlier would need to be created again. Add the custom gadgets to the dashboards and share them with your team.

Note :

  1. Sharing custom gadgets - When custom gadgets are shared, the other users who have been shared this gadget with, would be able to add them to their own dashboards and also run the report with their own filters, if those filters are present in the gadgets.

  2. Sharing custom dashboards - When custom dashboards are shared, the other users can only view the report in the read-only mode and cannot modify the report filters.