How to add gadgets to the custom dashboard ?

The gadgets can be added to the dashboard by clicking on the + icon ("Add Gadgets") where a list of available Gadgets are shown.

  • System Gadget: QMetry System Reports are available to add as System Gadgets. These predefined gadgets are neither be edited nor be deleted. System Gadgets can be drilled down to view the details in tabular form and download it.
  • My Gadget: These are the gadgets you make and can be added to the dashboard. These custom gadgets can be edited as well as deleted.
  • Shared Gadget: Once a gadget is shared, the user, with whom it has been shared, will be able to see that gadget under this tab. A shared gadget will be read-only for the users with whom it has been shared. Users can view the filters applied to the report query, but not be able to modify them.

These gadgets can be added to the dashboard by clicking on the '+' icon beside the gadget name. Also, you can export this gadget report to CSV by clicking the  download icon. You can add multiple gadgets at a time. You can also add a single gadget multiple times.