How to add a new Custom Dashboard under QMetry Custom Dashboard ?

You can add new custom dashboards and also modify them. Below are the steps :

  1. Click on QMetry Custom Dashboard using the navigation bar on the left.
  2. Click on the New button to add a new dashboard.
  3. Give Dashboard Name and click Create Dashboard.
  4. The dashboard will be created under My Dashboard section. 

Dashboard Properties :

  • You can add the system, custom (my gadgets) and shared gadgets to the dashboard you have created. 
  • A Custom Dashboard may consist of system as well as custom gadgets.
  • You can also share the dashboard with other users. The dashboard remains Private (i.e. Private as 'Yes'; refer to the column Private) until it is shared with any user.
  • When a dashboard is created by user A and shared to user B; then - user B sees the filters as applied by user A, and cannot change them.
  • Furthermore, the dashboard can also be scheduled to get a custom report by email OR shared using an embedded URL.