Integration of QMetry with Azure DevOps

Note: Currently Azure DevOps on-premise installation is not supported for integration with QMetry Test Management.

Advantages of Azure Integration

Integration of QMetry with Azure DevOps enables testing organizations to adapt to the DevOps culture. As an endeavor to ensure that the testing teams can remain agile along with the development teams, QMetry introduces its integration with Azure DevOps. This increased agility leads to better quality products, as both - development and testing teams work together with better collaboration.

  • Integration of QMetry and Azure DevOps enables organizations to plan, execute and track testing activities and get end-to-end traceability thereof.

  • Testers can view work items - requirements and issues entered in Azure.

  • On the other hand, developers in the team can view issues logged in Azure with details, hence, they can comprehend the bugs properly.

  • If Azure is integrated with QMetry, users can link Azure issues with requirements and test cases (from the Test Suite Execution screen), and create Azure issues from the Execution screen.

  • If the Requirement module is mapped with one of the Azure work items, then users can sync those Azure work items as requirements in QMetry.

QMetry supports the integration of multiple Azure instances with one QMetry project. Moreover, more than one Azure project can be linked with one QMetry project. Hence, the QMetry project can be linked with multiple Azure projects from multiple Azure instances.

Integration Rules:

  • The same Azure instance should not be configured with multiple QMetry instances.

  • One Integration System can be integrated with one QMetry project (i.e. If Jira is associated with Project A in QMetry then Azure/Rally can not be associated with Project A). 

  • Multiple Azure projects can be linked with one QMetry project. 

  • Multiple instances/Organizations of Azure can be linked with one QMetry project.

  • A single Azure project can be linked to multiple QMetry projects.

  • Integration with Azure and user authorization happens using Azure Personal Access Token.

  • The Azure project, in which the user has project administrator rights, can be integrated with QMetry project.

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