Epic Traceability

When Epic is synced with QMetry Requirement module

If the Epic issue type is synced with the Requirement module, then the Issues in EPIC tab in the requirement details page displays issues that are linked to that epic. The issue types should be synced either with the Requirements module or the Issue module while integration.

For Example, this is the mapping of Jira issue types with QMetry Requirement and Issue modules.

Requirement: Epic, Story
Issue: Bug
In Jira Task, Story and Bug are linked to the mapped Epic. But when synced, only Story and Bug linked to the Epic will be displayed in the Issues in EPIC tab as these issue types are mapped with QMetry modules.


You can also apply Filters to the records.


When you copy the Epic key from the requirement and enter in the Epic Link field of an issue in the Issue module.



You can see that the issue is also added to the Issues in EPIC tab of the requirements page. On opening the issue in Jira, the Epic Link is displayed accordingly.



When Epic is synced with QMetry Issue module

The Epic issue type issues are imported into the Issue module of QMetry.


On the details page of Epic type issues, the Issues in EPIC tab is provided that lists out issues linked with the Epic in Jira.


When you enter the Epic External Key in an issue as Epic Link, the issue also starts displaying under the Issues in EPIC tab.