How to create user-defined fields for test case steps?

The feature of user-defined fields on test case steps is now supported in QMetry. You can create UDFs for test steps only if you have purchased a Customization package. Below are the steps for reference:

  • Go to Customization > Manage Fields on the sidebar. On the next screen, you can view UDFs created across projects.

  • Click on New to add a new UDF.

  • Select Field Type, specify Field Name, Field Label, Length, etc.

  • For the Look-up list/Multi Select Look-up list field type, you need to either add a new list or select the existing one if available. Select the Default Value you want to maintain for that list (it is optional).

  • Project Mapping section:

    • Select the Project(s) with which you want to share the user-defined field and click on the Add Project button. Project(s) is added in the grid, which shows the projects in which the UDF will be available to use.

    • Select Module: Associate modules with the UDF. In our case, select Test Step.

    • Click on the “+Add Project” button.

    • Enable the flag Mandatory to make the field mandatory to fill.

    • Click on the Save button to commit the changes (refer to the below screenshot).


Once UDFs are added to the test step module, then they are displayed on the Test Steps section as columns beside the default fields of test steps as shown below.

Show/Hide and Re-arrange Test Step Columns

You can also organize the test steps columns in the panel through drag and drop operation. You can also opt to hide/show Input Data, Expected Outcome and other UDF columns on the screen.

Click Save once you make any changes for the Test Steps panel.

Note: Any changes in test steps column arrangement will reflect in other places where the test steps panel is used.