Importing Requirements from Excel File


Fresh Import of Requirements from Excel File

First Time Import is when the organization does not have requirements in QMetry and they import requirements for the first time. This Import is the creation of test assets for the first time. Import always creates version 1.

Convert Requirement data into QMetry Format

Download either of the Requirement templates provided below. Fill the template with your requirement data that you want to import into QMetry. Enter comma-separated values for fields with the multi-lookup list. Make sure that all the columns in the Excel file have a corresponding field in QMetry. The majority of the columns in the Excel file should map to one of the QMetry fields. If there are columns that don’t really map, define those additional fields as User Defined Fields in QMetry (Administration > Manage Fields).

Re-import Requirements from Excel File

Users can export requirements from QMetry, make required changes in the Excel file and re-import the file into QMetry. This re-import will update the existing requirement details in QMetry. Re-import of requirements allows users to do bulk modification of already created requirements via excel. This saves time where bulk edit feature is not available. Re-import increases the existing version by 1.

You can export test cases from QMetry through Bulk Operations which provides options to Export as XLSX and Export as CSV. Refer to Exporting Requirements for more details.

Note: If the requirements that are being re-imported contain issues imported form Jira, then such issues will not be updated with the re-import.