How can I improve re-usability of my test cases in QMetry?

QMetry Test Management provided the 'Reuse' capability of Test cases across projects. Re-usability of a test case refers to the number of times that a particular test case is associated with different requirements across projects. QMetry allows you to associate one test case with multiple requirements in the same or other projects.

For example,

There are three different requirements -
1. Users log in with normal credentials. 
2. Users log in with SAML authentication.
3. Users log in with LDAP authentication. 

There is one test case - 1. Login Verification. This one test case can be associated with all three requirements. Here, one test case is reused and linked with multiple requirements.

To reuse the Test cases and link it to the across different requirements,

  1. Go to Test case module.
  2. open the test case you want to reuse and link to requirements.
  3. locate to 'Requirement tab' and click on 'Link' button.
  4. Clicking on 'Link', will open the 'Link Requirements' pop window
  5. Link the requirements to the test case you wish to.

Here, you can select other projects from the drop-down list and link test case across the different project.