How to link test executions to the test cases?

You can link test suites with relevant test cases for testing. Test Suites can be linked to test case through the Test Executions tab available on Test Case details page and Test Case edit screen.

Test Suites are linked to the test case in multiple of Platforms associated with it.

Click on the Link Test Suites button.  It opens Link Test Suites pop-up.

A. Linking a Single Test Suite

Click on the  icon to link the individual test suite to the test case.

B. Linking Multiple Test Suites

Select test suites that you want to link and click on the Link Selected Test Suites button at the bottom.

The selected test suites are linked to the test case. The linked test suite records are shown on the lower grid pane.

Unlink Test Suites Linked to a Test Case

  1. Go to the Test Executions tab of the test case details page.
  2. To unlink a single test suite, click on the Unlink icon.
  3. To unlink multiple test suites, select test suites you want to unlink from the test case and click on the Unlink Selected button.

View Test Run Logs

Test run logs to test case are attached at test run level. These logs are available to view and download on the Test Execution tab of test case details page. If a test suite has attachment(s) attached to it, then Attachment icon is displayed in Blue color for that test suite. Only test case level attachments will be displayed here.

The attachments at test run level are displayed to provide more in-depth information on test case execution. Users can get execution details of the test case on the same screen.

Click on the Blue attachment icon. It opens the Attachments pop-up as below.