What is requirement module?

The Requirement module serves as a central repository to store test requirements or business specifications. You can create requirements manually, or import using excel using import wizard or from Jira.

Once requirements have been imported, existing test cases can be linked to the requirement.

With the Requirement module you can:

  • Add requirements based on requirements from external development and product management tools. Requirements can be created directly from Jira and kept in sync with Jira.
  • Cover requirements by linking them to existing test cases which are part of manual or automated test suites.
  • Perform quick ad-hoc executions of test cases associated with a particular requirement. This can help you do quick tests based on pure requirements that might not be covered in a defined test suite.

Requirement reports are also available to analyze the application against varied measures.

Requirement Window

The Requirement module screen has the same UI as the Test Cases module.