How to manage requirements folder?

User can categorize different requirements and create different folders to put them. User can add a new folder to the root or as a child of an existing folder.

Use Case: The organization has received a bulk amount of project-related requirements from its client. To manage these requirements, they need to be categorized. Requirements of similar categories are added to individual requirement folders.

Adding a Requirement Folder

Open the Requirements module. The tree/folder panel is expandable that facilitates stretching of the area if you want to view longer folder names. You can also hover over the folder to view its full name.


On the Requirement tree, click on the New Folder button to add a new folder.

The Add New Folder pop-up opens.

Enter the following fields to add a new folder:

  • Folder Name: Enter the name of the folder.

Click Create. The new folder is reflected in the tree.

Note: The following permissions related to the Requirements module are set from Customization > Roles for individual roles.

  • View
  • Modify
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Import
  • Export
  • Link
  • Copy
  • Versioning

Make sure you have relevant rights to carry out the operation.

Editing a Requirement Folder

Select the folder on a tree and click on the Edit icon on the toolbar.

The folder detail screen opens in editable mode. Make the required changes.

Deleting a Requirement Folder

Before deleting a requirement folder, first, you need to archive it.

Archive Folders

The folder archive/unarchive actions are directly available from the folder tree structure.

Click on the cog icon and select "Bulk Operation".

Select "Archive Folders" and hit Next.

Select the single/multiple folders which you want to archive on the tree and click on the Archive icon on the header. All the test assets/requirements under the selected folder will also be archived.

A confirmation message pops up.

Click "Yes" to proceed.

Viewing Archived Folders on Tree

Once a folder is archived, it will not appear on the tree.

To view the archived folder on the tree, switch to Basic Filters, select the Show Archived Items check box.

Select the archived folder on tree and click on the Delete icon on the toolbar. The Delete icon is visible only for archived folders.

On deleting a folder, all the subfolders and entities within the folder will be deleted. The root folder cannot be deleted.