How to copy bulk Test Cases to the same project or across project?

Users  can copy test cases into the same project or across project. This function works as a one-time copy so that the duplicate sets of test case(s) act independently going forward.  In other words, after the copy and paste, any changes performed on the original test case will not be reflected in the test case's copy.  

Pre-requisite: The destination project should have the required user defined fields that are used in the source project.

Test Cases can be copied to the destination folder or a root folder of destination project.

What will be copied with test assets?

Same Project 
Across Project
CopyFor the selected /all versions it will copy assets with all attachments, linkage of requirements, test  cases,  release, cycle , issues (linked with Requirement )For the selected/all versions it will copy assets with all attachments  

To copy test cases from one project to another project or same project, perform the following steps.

Select the project from which you will copy a test case. Go to the Test Cases module, click on the Settings icon and select Bulk Operations.

Step 1 Choose Operation: Select Copy as the operation to perform and click Next.

Step 2 Select records

1. Select test case records which are to be copied. If you want to copy all the test cases across pages then select the Select All (Across Pages) option. Maximum 1000 records can be selected at a time.

2. You can apply Filter to search specific records based on different criteria. It will help you pick required test cases and narrow down the test case count to be copied. In addition, you can also view records of a specific folder by applying filter on Choose Folder.

3. Select test case version options:

  • Specific Version: Test Cases in the grid appear expandable when this option is selected. On expanding test case, you can view all the available versions for the test case.
  • All Versions: if this option is selected, then the Version button is disabled. Users can not select a particular version of the test case.

4. Click Next.

Step 3 Operation Details

  • Project: You can copy test cases within same project and across projects. Select the destination Project/folder path you want to copy the selected  test cases to.
  • Owner: If the test cases are being copied to another project, then you can select Owner of the test cases in the destination project. The Owner list is populated as per the Project selection above.
  • Folder: Select the folder in which you want to copy the selected test cases. The Destination Path is displayed according to the Folder selection.

Click Copy.

The confirmation message appears.