How to Reuse Shareable Test Cases?

Shareable Test Cases are helpful when test steps are used repeatedly. While creating a new test case, testers may want to reuse a shareable test case because it contains the same test steps that are to be followed in the new test case.

For example, there is a test case "Login", which contains test steps to check the Login functionality. There is another test case "Verify Copy Requirements", which requires the same test steps as in "Login" along with other additional test steps. So the tester inserts shareable test case and reuse the test steps under the test case.


1. On the Test Case detail/create screen, go to the Test Steps section.

2. Click on Edit, it enables the '+' icon to add more steps

2. To insert the shareable test case at the end, click on the + sign and select Insert Shareable Test Case. Or

To insert the shareable test case in the next row, click on the settings icon on individual test step and select Insert Shareable Test Case.

3. The Link Shareable Test Case pop-up opens. Select the test case you want to link to the new test case. You can also select a particular version of the test case.

4. Click on the Link Selected Shareable Test Cases button.

The shareable test cases are added to another test case.