Test Plan

A test plan can resemble a cycle, a release, or a sprint in your product development/project cycle. Test Plan in QMetry is a logical grouping of test cycles that are executed in a particular phase. It helps you schedule testing activities for your test project.

Test Plan provides real-time execution progress of test cycles and lets you gauge whether the testing process is in progress as per the drawn roadmap and helps you control risk.

The Test Plan list view screen includes Execution Summary and Execution Summary (Tabular) columns displaying the consolidated execution status of all the associated test cycles. It allows users to monitor the progress of testing without the need to navigate into the Test Cycles tab of individual test plans.

Use Case: The QA Manager wants to monitor the comprehensive overview of the test plan's execution progress for a Sprint and Version so that they can plan the testing activities further.

Note: The Execution Summary only displays the summary of the latest test executions.

You can opt to show/hide the columns from the Columns option.

The Execution Summary and Execution Summary (Tabular) columns are displayed on the Test Plan list view. 

The Execution Summary (Tabular) columns show the execution status with the count of test cases linked to the test plan.

On hovering over the Execution Summary, shows the count of test cases and test cycles associated with the test plan. 


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