How to get the Fix Version Id?

QMetry Automation API - link supports Jira's Fix Version. Users need to pass the Fix Version ID to this parameter. This document shows how to get this Fix version ID from Jira.

Jira's Fix Version can be retrieved by Jira's API. Below is the API to get Fix Version :

Method 1: Run API via Postman

URL :  https://<Jira base URL>/rest/api/3/project/{projectKey}

Method : Get

Request Header : As this is Jira's API you need to pass your Jira credentials in the form that Jira API supports.

Supply an "Authorization" header with content "Basic" followed by the API token and username/Email address.

Method 2 :Hit API URL in browser.

  1. Login into your Jira from browser.
  2. Open a new tab in browser and hit API to get Fix Versions of particular project.

 URL :  https://<Jira base URL>/rest/api/3/project/{projectKey}.

Response :

The above mentioned API will return a response in JSON format. User can find the Version Id along with the Version name in the 'versions' parameter in the JSON. Do refer the below mentioned screenshot. You need to use the id to pass in automation API.