How to view QMetry Test Management for Jira panels on the new Jira Cloud UI?

On the Jira new UI, QMetry panels (Test Case/Acceptance Criteria, Test Case) are collapsed on the new Jira issue details screens. To open the QMetry panels on the new Jira UI kindly follow the below steps.

  • Open Story issue detail page on the new Jira UI.

  • Click on the (...) more option to expand the QMetry panels on the new Jira UI. Click here to more about new Jira UI.

The issue detail page is managed by Jira itself, however, users can disable the new Jira UI for the issues from the Jira Labs. Follow the below steps to disable new Jira UI.

  • From the Jira new UI issue detail page, click on the Give Feedback option appears on the right corner of the new UI issue detail page.

  • Click on the turn it off in personal settings

  • From the Personal settings, disable the New Jira issue view.