Export Test Execution

You can export test cycle execution details into an excel file from the execution screen. The file includes the details of the test case and test step execution results with applied filters. If custom fields exist in test execution, then the export will also contain custom field details.

The test execution details is useful as a document for audit purpose and as a report to dig out failure cause. For example -

  • An organization requires to store the execution details down to step level including execution result, time stamp and testers name on the document management system for auditors to review.

  • QA Manager wants to see a report to check the test steps that due to which the test case has failed.

You can choose to export the execution either With Latest Execution or With All Executions.


  1. Open the  Test Execution screen.

  2. Click on the ellipses at the top right and click With Latest Execution/With All Execution.

The success message appears at the bottom. The export process is started in the background which you can check in the Notifications section.

3. To open the Notifications section by clicking on the bell icon beside the View button at the top right.

You can see the background processes listed out in the Notifications section.

4. To download the exported executions, click on the Download File link.

The test executions are exported in an excel file with Overview and Execution Details.