Defect Traceability in Jira

If a defect is logged while executing a particular test case, then on the issue page in Jira you can view the test case for which the defect is logged.

Open the issue in Jira and enable the Bug Traceability panel for the issue. The Test Case section is renamed as “Bug Traceability” for Issue Types enabled as bugs.

Users can view traceability from Test case, Test Cycle to Test Execution in the Bug Traceability section. The latest execution/linkages are displayed at the top along with the date and time of the execution.

The Bug Traceability section displays the following columns on it.

  • Test Cycle Summary: Test Cycle associated with the test case.

  • Test Case Summary: Test Case in which the defect is logged.

  • Version

  • Environment

  • Build

  • Linked on

  • Latest Execution

  • Execution Assignee

  • Executed By

  • Executed On

  • Step Number: If the issues is linked to a test step, then the step number is displayed here.