Archive Shareable Test Cases


The test cases need to be archived before deleting them. This feature prevents accidental deletion of test cases and, hence, test cases can be deleted only after archiving them.

Test Cases that are not in use currently can be archived to stop them from appearing on the active test case list. Archiving moves the test cases which are unwanted without deleting them permanently.

Archived test cases can be unarchived at any time to move them back to the active test case list. If not required anymore, the archived test cases can also be deleted.

Impact of archiving test cases:

  • All the versions of the test case will be archived.

  • If a sharable test step is archived, the existing execution of that shareable test step will be preserved along with attachments.

→ Permissions required: Users should have the “Edit” Test Case permissions to archive the shareable test cases.

You can archive a single test case as well as bulk test cases.

Archive a Single Test Case

Follow either of the steps mentioned below to archive a single shareable test case.

(A) Access the Shareable Test Case view as mentioned in the View Shareable Test Cases. Click on the Archive icon for the test case that you want to archive.

(B) Open the shareable test case detail page and click on the Archive button at the top.


Once the test case is archived, it can not be edited. You get options only to unarchive or delete the archived test case.

Archive Bulk Test Cases

You can archive multiple test cases in bulk at a time.


1. Go to the Shareable Test Cases section on the test case list view.

2. Select test cases that you want to archive.

Selection of Multiple entities at a time: To select entities within a range on the current page, select the first entity’s check box and then select the last entity’s check box and simultaneously hold the SHIFT key of the keyboard. All the entities between these two entities will get auto-selected.

  • Select All:

→ Select all records on the current page: Clicking on the check box in the column header selects all the records on the current page only. An alternate way is to open the check box drop-down and select Current Page.

→ Select all records across all pages: Open the check box drop-down and select Across All Pages option.

Once you select the test cases that you want to archive, the Archive button becomes visible on the screen.

3. Click on the Archive option.

The Archive Test Cases screen opens.

4. Click on the Archive button to archive the selected test cases.

View Archived Test Cases

To view only archived test cases on the list, open the more icon above the folder tree and click on the Show Archived Test Cases option.

The screen displays all the archived test cases.

To view the archived shareable test cases, click on the Archived Shareable Test Cases section on the panel at left.

You can either delete or unarchive the archived test cases.

  • Delete: It will delete the shareable test case permanently and remove all references of the shareable test case from linked entities.

  • Unarchive: The archived test case will turn active. The unarchived test cases will be moved to the Shareable Test Cases section.

Archived Shareable Test Step in the Test Case

The archived shared steps appear with “Archived” label in the test case reusing it. You can not perform any operation on it.


Archived Shareable Test Step on the Execution Screen

The archived shareable test steps appear with the “Archived” label. These archived shareable test steps will remain disabled on the execution screen.