System Fields


QMetry provides most of the standard fields defined in the testing process. These built-in fields or system fields are defined for different test assets in QMetry. These System Fields are not editable; however, you can make a System Field mandatory or optional, as per your requirement.

System Fields are defined for Test Case, Test Cycle, Test Plan, and Test Execution. 

Permissions Required:

Jira Permissions: Browse Project permissions are required.

QMetry Permissions:

  • If Enabled then the below permissions are required.

    • Configuration View

    • Configuration Modify

Marking the System Field as Mandatory

To mark the system field as mandatory for the test asset, select the Required check box. It helps users manage a large number of test assets that require a mandatory system field(s) to be part of every test asset.


Test Execution System Fields

Users can fill the mandatory and optional fields of test execution from the execution screen, Story detail page, and Test Case > Executions tab.

→ If the Environment field is set as mandatory in the Configuration section -

  • Users can not execute test cases with “No Environment”. The Environment field should have some other value.

  • Users can not execute test cases with “No Environment” even if it is renamed.

→ If the mandatory system test execution fields are left blank -

  • Users can not execute the test case.

  • Users can not clone the execution except the one having the execution result as “Not Executed”.

  • Users can not clone that test cycle except the one having test cases with execution results as “Not Executed”.

Searching a System Field

You can easily search a system field even from a long list of system fields on the screen.


  1. Navigate to QMetry > Configuration menu > Select Project.

  2. Click on System Fields under Project Configuration.

  3. Click on the search icon to see the text box. Type the keyword in the text box and press ENTER on the keyboard.