Organize Test Cycle in folders

QMetry allows testers to organize and manage Test Cycles in a Folder structure-based hierarchy. Testers can group related Test Cycles and organize them systematically. As an example, testers can create folders like Regression suite, Smoke suite, etc. to group related Test Cycles.

Each new test cycle folder creates the next level of test cycle organization in your test cycle tree. It helps you carry out bulk operations like remove test cycles and cut/move test cycles from source folder to destination folder.

Where to find the feature?

Click on the QMetry menu item.

It opens the menu like below. Select Test Management on it.

There are four tabs on the screen:

  • Test Case

  • Test Cycle

  • Test Plan

  • Test Report

Click on the Test Cycle tab to organize test cycles in folders.

Create Test Folders/Sub Folders

Users can add folders and subfolders on the folder tree. "All Folders" exists as a default folder at the root level. Users can add folders and subfolders under it.

1. Right-click on the folder and select Add Subfolder

2. Enter Folder Name and Description, and click Submit. It creates a subfolder under the selected folder.

A new folder is added to the tree on the sub-level hierarchy.

Edit Folder Details

Right-click on any folder and select Edit Folder Details.

You can edit Folder Name and Description of the selected folder. Click Update to save the changes.

Cut and Paste Folder

You can also perform 'Cut' operation on a folder and Paste it to other location/folder on the tree to change the hierarchy. All the Test Cycles under the folder will also move along with the folder.

Delete Folders

Right-click on any folder and select Delete. Select the option to delete that particular folder.

If there are sub-folder under the folder, then all these sub-folders will be deleted. All the test cycles under such folders will be disassociated with the folders and moved to the root folder. You will still have an option to move these test cycles to the folder of your choice.

On clicking Delete, the user is asked to select a folder in which they want to move the underlying test cycles.

If a folder is not selected, then the test cycles will be moved to the root folder. i.e. "All Folders" folder here.

View Test Cycle Folders

The left pane displays the folder structure of test cycles. The right pane displays all test cycles until you select a particular folder to view particular test cycles.

A. Project selection. By default, the project that you selected in Jira will be displayed here. You can select other projects. The folder tree is rendered in accordance with the project selection.

B. Root test cycle folder, which shows all the test cycles created within the project irrespective of the folder within which it is created.

C. Subfolders within the root folder.

Sort Folders

Test Cycle folders can be arranged on Name and Date. Open the Sort by drop-down and select the option to arrange the folders on the tree. The folders can be sorted alphabetically and by date of creation in the ascending/descending manner. By default, folders are sorted on the Oldest First.

Copy Folder Path

You can right-click on the folder for which the folder path needs to be copied. The folder path will be copied to the clipboard.

All Folders (Root Folder)

You can perform the following operations on the root folder:

  • Add Subfolder

  • Paste the copied folder

You can not perform other operations on root folder that are available on sub-folders like edit, delete, cut, copy, etc.

From the root folder, you can perform only Reuse action (and not Move action) for test cycle as the test cycles remain on the root folder and are not moved.